A balancing act!

With the exam season looming, Clare from Inner Drive was invited to host a seminar for Year 13s that focused on dealing with the stress that can accompany the rigours of school life.

With clear, easy to understand and scientific explanations, punctuated by video clips and audience interaction, this was no ordinary lecture. Several main themes began to surface, including: how a negative physiology can affect your mental state and performance in a vicious cycle, the idea of only 'controlling the controllable', and squashing 'ANTs'. Fortunately, Inner Drive do not endorse the abuse of insects - ANTs are in fact 'Automatic Negative Thoughts'.

Seemingly simple tasks illustrated how your prefrontal cortex can easily become overloaded in tricky situations: balancing a stick while focusing on your finger showed the futility of misplaced focus, and attempting the Stroop Test (reading words that are coloured in contrast to their meaning) showed how easy it is for your mind to be deceived.

The lecture also managed to include some therapy - students were asked to confess an 'ANT' and have their partners squash it - helpfully, positively, and in some cases, energetically!

Great thanks must go to Clare and Inner Drive for giving us some food for thought that will definitely help us in pursuing our studies.