Heading off from Amersham after school on Monday, the History Team and a group of 39 Sixth Form History students set out for the New College of Humanities (NCH) for the second lecture visit of the year.

The History Team with Dr Lipscomb

Introduced by the Master of the college, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb - senior lecturer and head of faculty of history at NCH - delivered an interesting and thought provoking lecture on the intricacies of Henry VIII’s will; from a possible coup, to conspiracies, to counterfeiting and questions of forgery, we soon discovered that the infamous king’s death arguably contained just as much intrigue as his life.

After an hour of fast paced note taking, the floor was opened up to the audience, and Mr Buckland and Mr Buchanan made sure to continue their mission of asking questions everywhere they went. Queries over, Mr Buchanan eagerly queued up to grab a signed copy of Dr Lipscomb’s book The King is Dead, and the History Team took a photo with her (managing to remain calm in the presence of a major history celebrity).

Many thanks to the History Team for organising this visit.