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Following on from his superb school performance in the Poetry By Heart competition, Nathan Leach (Year 12) performed two poems on Wednesday evening as part of the regional finals at the Wycombe Library. His amazing recital of Gawain the Green Knight, in original Middle English, thrilled at the school and animated the judges, while his more modern and philosophical consideration of The Beast in the Space, which was new, stood out for use of pause and consideration of meaning behind the poem. Nathan faced strong competition from other schools' winners, fierce judging and many very fluent and inventive recitals; however, Nathan spoke out, above the rest, and won this round of competition as well!

Audio: //embeds.audioboom.com/boos/3806720-sir-gawain-and-the-green-knight-nathan-leach-year-12/embed/v3?link_color=%23173F7A&image_option=none

Judges were impressed by his fluency, variety and engagement with the poems and their meanings as well as his confident performance style. He is now invited to partake of a weekend of competition, conversation and poetry learning at Homerton College, Cambridge as part of the second round of regional and national finals. Many thanks to all who have listened to and helped Nathan in his performance and those who went to support him.