Challoner's most recent charity day was a bit different to normal, as this year each form was allowed to pick one charity to support out of four options. They were given details about each charity before voting for the one which they wanted to support.

The four choices were:

  • Against Malaria Foundation, which works to provide mosquito nets to malaria-afflicted areas
  • Sightsavers, which helps people who have lost their sight
  • Deworm the World Iniative, which helps to cure people, especially children, who are suffering from worm infections
  • Development Media International, which supports developing countries by leading health and education campaigns

On the charity day itself, students turned up to school wearing home clothes and paid £2 each to their chosen charity, as per usual for a charity day, but the choice of charity this time made it a bit different. As a school, we opted for the Against Malaria Foundation.