Swing Band's Set - Cameron Robey, Year 10
All About That Bass - Cameron Robey, Year 10

The Friends’ Cabaret Evening has always been a highlight of the school calendar, and this year’s event definitely didn’t disappoint. Primarily, it was a fantastic display of music - something that we’ve come to expect from Challoner’s musicians – but was also accompanied by an assortment of food, generously provided and organised by the Friends of DCGS.

The evening started as it meant to go on with a varied and polished set of pieces performed by the Swing Band, ranging from the jazz standard ‘Girl from Ipanema’ to the Michael Jackson classic ‘Thriller’. Swing Band features musicians both from DCGS and DCHS and was the largest group to perform on the night; filling both the stage with a wide range of different instruments, and the hall with sound.

Swing Band’s set was followed with a multitude of performances from smaller ensembles, including the Jazz Workshop and also the DCHS close harmony group ‘Con Brio’. Each of these groups easily met the high standard set earlier in the evening, and naturally were heartily applauded.

Thanks must go to Mr Tansley, Miss Gee and the Music teams at both DCGS and DCHS, the Friends for their massive contribution to the event and to all the musicians who made it such a memorable evening.


Jazz Band Perform! - Cameron Robey, Year 10
Three Pipers Piping - Cameron Robey, Year 10
Out Now - Luke Amos, Year 8