A team of Year 10 debaters had been training for the International Competition for Young Debaters for the whole year and on Saturday 27th February it was time for a trip to London to show their skills. It was a truly competitive game with some incredibly strong opposition from all across the country aiming to get to the final, but Challoner’s held their own. The first and second debates went according to plan with Challoner’s performing outstandingly, showing the year’s hard work paying off. However, the third round of debates proved extremely difficult as tough opposition narrowly beat our teams. A strong showing in the final debate left DCGS with a small chance of reaching the final. However it was not to be.

The team of Gianluca Abbate, Louis Thomson, Ayan Banerjee, James Wright, Monty Weatherall and Dominic Dunster have nothing to be ashamed of, with an incredible debut at an international competition. Debates included motions such as, 'This house would boycott sporting events hosted in countries where human rights are abused', and these topics provided food for thought for the students as well as fuelling their competitiveness. Well done to all boys involved.