On Wednesday, there was another fantastic cake sale for charity. It was held in New Court at lunch time, and the whole school was invited.

Within ten minutes, many of the cakes were eagerly devoured, and before the end of lunch, almost all of them were gone. There were also other treats such as flapjacks and brownies. It was packed with big queues and before long all the brownies were sold too. There was a vast variety of cakes, ranging from raspberry coconut to lemon drizzle.

Eyes bigger than bellies! - Cameron Robey, Year 10
Loads a cake - Cameron Robey, Year 10

All the money raised was donated to Medic to Medic: a charity which funds medical careers in poorer countries, such as Malawi and Uganda. The cake sale was organised by Archie Shinn, Year 13, who is spending his gap year working with this charity so a huge thanks to him. An outstanding £320 was raised, above the intended £200.