After weeks of preparation in German lessons, we finally got a chance to go on the much anticipated, annual trip to Cologne. Although all of us were tired, we all had huge smiles on our faces wondering how this trip would go. Soon we were at the hostel and were surprised as the 13 hour journey had seemed to pass so quickly. That evening we went for a tour and were stunned seeing how picturesque Cologne was at night. My favourite three sights were the cathedral, the Rhine bridge and the River Rhine.

In the ice hockey stadium

On Saturday we headed out early to the town centre. In the morning we had a tour of the town and climbed the church steeple which was over 100m high and took 533 steps to get to the top. The view from the top was simply breathtaking. Afterwards we went inside the actual cathedral and had enjoyable free time in the lunch break. When the break had finished we took a tram and went to a sports museum where we did several small activities. The afternoon led us to a chocolate museum where we learnt about the history of chocolate and how it is made. We saw the production on a small production line. After that we went to a traditional german restaurant and had a delicious dinner.

On Sunday we went to a cinema and watched a movie called Five Friends as it was inspired by the Famous Five. After the movie finished, we travelled to the nearby ice hockey watch an ice hockey match as Köln Haie played a derby match against Düsseldorf. The home team were very unlucky to lose 3-1 but played well nevertheless.

Group photo
Outside the cathedral
In a botanic garden

On Monday we departed and I guess all good things have to come to an end. During the journey we stopped off at Bruges for two hours and enjoyed free time during that. I would like to thank the Languages Team for organising the trip and I am sure that everyone who went enjoyed themselves profusely.