The saxophone quartet begin

As passers-by heard the sound of jazz and swing drifting from the school hall, they immediately knew it was, once more, time for the annual Cabaret Evening, organised by the Friends of DCGS. This evening was one to remember with performances from a range of different groups from both Dr Challoner’s Grammar School and Dr Challoner’s High School. The evening was kicked off by the Joint School Swing Band. The audience listened expectantly while enjoying a wonderful selection of nibbles provided by the Friends. The swing band played a variety of music ranging from Born to be Wild to Mambo No. 5, with the latter receiving a cry of encore from the audience.

The next part of the evening allowed a number of smaller groups to play; although size was no indicator of quality. This section of the evening featured GCSE composition work which was heartily applauded as the quality was just as good as that of the other works performed. The audience were also treated to a few solo performances. The Jazz Workshop ensemble earned themselves a highly deserved round of applause with the quality of their playing.

The evening finished off with the highly anticipated Jazz Band. As one of the school's most advanced groups the audience had high expectations, but the band easily met these expectations with their superior skills and excellent leadership from Mr Tansley, their musical director. The band played a wide repertoire and, by the end, the audience were left with a sense of pleasure, both from being able to hear the group play at such a high level and from the desserts provided by the Friends.

Overall the evening was a huge success for all the students involved and all the parents in the audience. I would like to thank the Music Team for all of the hard work they put into organising the musical aspect of the evening and the Friends of Challoner’s for organising the event so wonderfully. I am sure that next year's Cabaret Evening will be just as eagerly anticipated.

All that jazz