High up above - Daniel New, Year 12

Over the course of the February half term, seven Year 12 A Level German students embarked on the outward trip of the annual Berlin exchange. Accompanied by two teachers, the aim was to improve our German speaking skills and confidence, primarily through five days of work experience, and also through living with our exchange families. Having met our exchanges last November, we were all very familiar with each other and consequently were all more relaxed which made the language come easier.

Our first day in Berlin saw us sitting in two hours of lessons in our exchanges' school, shortly followed by an essential tour of the historic city. Part of this involved looking down on Berlin from 25 floors above ground - a view hard to forget. Saturday brought us to the Oxford Circus of Berlin, packed with ample shopping opportunities. Sunday provided us with a sporting opportunity many of us frowned on when hearing about.

We were about to play the sport of Quidditch.

Despite no flying, it was a very fun and competitive game, possibly one for the PE team to consider. Following this, a trip up the Reichstag and around the Brandenburg Gate finished off our evening.

The beginning of week meant the beginning of our work experience. Being encouraged to speak as much German as possible, we were given different placements including caf├ęs, primary schools and even one in a hospital. Everyone found this valuable, and it certainly made us feel more confident, hearing the language spoken and picking up new vocabulary at the same time. During this week we also tried plenty of German food, went out for meals, and visited a German chocolate museum.

All in all, the week was a huge success and we were all sad to leave. However, we left with great memories, and knowing that this was an invaluable experience.