As part of Humanities Week, Year 9 have visited the Natural History Museum, to help us with our study of tectonics. The visit was divided into three parts: Visions of Earth, The Restless Surface and Power Within. For many people first impressions are important and when you step into the gallery entitled Visions of Earth, you are astounded by a hollow depiction of the earth and its core which has been cleverly changed into an escalator. On the walls are drawings of the night sky showing star constellations. We also learned about what fool's gold was (pyrite, an iron sulfide), as well as Derbyshire Blue John (a type of fluorite).

In the Power Within gallery there is a lifelike recreation of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe as well as a unique volcano experience. There was much information in this gallery to help us with our home learning, which I found extremely helpful. After a quick lunch, we moved on to the Restless Surface gallery. Here we learned about how the Goosenecks canyon was created and what onion-skin weathering is.

Overall and I think I speak for the whole year here, it was a highly enjoyable trip.