On Thursday 6th February, Challoner’s once more became a lodestone for budding medics as students from a number of local schools congregated in the hall for a presentation on how to best navigate the long and arduous road into the ferociously competitive medical profession. The presentation, given by Mr Atkinson and Mrs Fletcher, stipulated the difficulties of getting into the profession, a calling that a number of Challoner’s students hear each year, and it laid bare the facts of hard work and effort needed to go into medicine.

However, it was not all doom and gloom as Mr Atkinson and Mrs Fletcher also outlined the best ways to circumvent the obstacles that face any student going into medicine, giving advice on A-level choices and work experience, including information about the autumn term’s Medics Society which has proved an invaluable tool in the belt of many students who have now fulfilled their dreams and are currently working in medicine.

The presentation was a welcome opportunity for Year 11 students to find out more about medicine and how to best follow the path that leads to becoming a doctor, nurse, dentist or vet - and I wish all those considering a medical career the best of luck in their journey.