The London Challenge provided the lower Sixth Form the opportunity to explore the rich history, diverse culture and intriguing mysteries of London in a giant treasure hunt. Highly competitive teams of Year 12 students embarked on the vast capital, beginning with excitement at Baker Street on that wet and rainy morning. From here students whizzed all around the city using the great network of the Underground to find Christopher Wren churches, Roman heritage sites, universities and museums dotted across London. Clues led the teams from the Tower of London to Trafalgar Square, from St Paul’s Cathedral to Park Lane and from the Science Museum to the residence of Sherlock Holmes. After a tiring and thoroughly enjoyable day racing round the famous landmarks of London students must bear the agonising wait over half term in anticipation of the winner.

The theme of Year 13’s enrichment was a highly practical yet somewhat daunting one: life skills. Students were given a seminar on how to iron a shirt, and also learned important lessons about budgeting and finance as well as vital DIY skills. In addition, we were lucky enough to have a talk from the Samaritans about stress and problem management, which enlightened us on the work that they do as well as giving us coping mechanisms for the future. Further to this, there was a more jovial talk from some Old Challoner’s students which gave us some golden insights into the trials and tribulations of university.

The day took on a more competitive edge for some boys who took part in a cooking competition, concocting some outstanding dishes, and students were even able to exert their aggression with kickboxing lessons! This diverse range of activities allowed the boys to unwind after a hard half term as well as giving us a great taste of what the future holds.