Challoner’s debaters have been in action at prestigious national competitions. First to compete, in the ESU Public Speaking Competition, were Shree Suresh, Niall Jones and Prasanna Suresh. They assumed the roles of speaker, chairperson and questioner respectively to debate such issues as imposing a fat tax to combat obesity and whether the young are wiser that the old in today’s world. They beat DCHS by gleaning some exceptional speaker points from Shree, who was commended by judges for his great structure and style. Whilst they did not progress, the team did well in a round dominated by older students.

Recently, Shree and Niall turned their hands to British parliamentary debating at the London round of the International Competition for Young Debaters. They were joined by Nick Colledge and James Kingston for three exciting rounds of motions.The teams shone through excellent collaboration, rigorous logical thinking and persuasive speaking skills though they were pipped at the post to a place in the next round.

Senior debating society has begun with dynamic debates on slavery, gambling and designer babies. Alex Peplow, Amit Patel, Toby Firth and Elliot Ford were then chosen to represent the school at the Oxford Schools Debating Competition. The teams faced two rounds debating the privitisation of the police and whether or not separate ‘vocational’ schools should be set up alongside traditional ‘academic’ schools. The teams debated brilliantly against some of London’s best schools and were commended for their skilled rebuttal and clear structures.

Mrs Adi says ”we’re now looking for new members who enjoy discussing current affairs and arguing their case. Senior debating society is on Monday lunchtimes in N4. Debating Club for years 9-11 is on Wednesday lunchtimes in N4. Junior debating is on Thursday lunchtimes, 12:45-1:30 in N4. Students are reminded to bring a packed lunch.”