Performing at the Amersham Christmas Festival is always an exciting, fun and cold experience! This year, four Rock Club bands (Crows & Arrows, House on Fire, CRAW and The Titans) performed at the festival which was held on Saturday 2nd December. With a large crowd made up of family and friends, along with many shoppers to perform to, it can seem a little daunting at first, but once you get through the initial nerves (which we all get!) we all enjoyed performing and helping to enhance the festive spirit with our music.

I am the lead singer of the band called The Titans. This was our second year performing at the Amersham Christmas Festival and it was much easier than the first when we were in Year 7 and hadn't ever performed before. Having your first performance be in public can be fairly frightening, however in my experience, the fears go away after a few minutes of playing and it is such a supportive crowd to perform for.

Everyone gave a rocking performance this year (pun very much intended) and the audience had a great time. Christmas songs that were performed ranged from the popular songs such as ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! to the less well known, such as ‘Christmas Time’ by The Darkness. Everyone involved had a wonderful time and the whole day was filled with laughing, singing, cheering and most importantly some really good hotdogs. Merry Christmas everyone!