This year’s senior play Much Ado About Nothing culminated last month with three spectacular performances. This was the first Shakespearean Senior Play for a long time, yet the talented cast more than lived up to the challenge, with the key elements of comedy shining throughout the performances.

Adapted into post-Civil War Spain, the play centres around two main relationships: Hero and Claudio’s, and Benedick and Beatrice’s. Slander, love, music, and conspiracy underpins a whirlwind of a story filled with action, controversy and laughter. A plot to foil a happy marriage is eventually uncovered, and the marriage goes ahead as planned - ending a plot of, well, Much Ado About Nothing.

The cast and crew worked for three months on this play under the direction of Mr Flower, developing it into one of the finest productions in recent years. Thanks are owed to all the staff involved, and we look forward to future productions as the 100th anniversary of the DCGS Senior Plays approaches.