Last Thursday, Challoner’s got a visit from the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come, as Year 8 received a spectacular performance of A Christmas Carol, performed by two phenomenal actors. Laughs were all around as the spin-off of Charles Dickens’ play continued to please the entire audience through and through by making it funny, quirky, and overall truly astounding, despite there only being two actors.

Armed with costumes, sound effects, lighting, and their wits, the two actors put on a performance that many of us thought should be performed at the West End and since watching the play, I believe that was no overstatement. Many Year 8s left the hall, exclaiming the words ‘That was amazing,’ as they commented on their enjoyment of the play.

The adaptation of Dickens’ classic showed us what Scrooge went through as he began his dramatic change to becoming a more morally-conscious man. He was first visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, his former partner in business, who warned Scrooge of the next three spirits to visit him. Scrooge was later spoken to by the Ghost of Christmas past, who showed him how cheerful he used to be at Christmas before the effects of his greed took control of his life. This was followed by the Ghost of Christmas Present, who showed him how people he knew were still celebrating Christmas despite their horrible conditions. Finally, Scrooge witnessed the sinister Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, who showed him what would truly happen to people around him if he did not change his ways and become a good person.

Certainly, a highlight was when a student of Year 8 was called up to perform as they were missing an actor and had to act one of the roles! With laughter throughout the entire show, to say that everyone enjoyed it would be an understatement.

The performance finished with huge applause. Thanks go to the staff involved in making this event possible.