Last week, over 250 dual linguists entered the spotlight to present a variety of classic Christmas carols as part of the Modern Foreign Languages Concert. Performing to many members of the staff and students from all year groups, the event was one to remember. The main three languages that we learn here at Challoner’s - French, German, and Spanish - were all performed, with two carols in each language on top of a finale. The show promoted the multilingual, all-inclusiveness of the school.

In German, there were the carols Stille Nacht and O Tannenbaum, both of which were thoroughly enjoyed. The latter was a particularly memorable part of the event because of a theatrical twist and live jazz accompaniment performed by Tom Vicary (Year 10) and Jack Webb (Year 12). When asking a student from Year 8 who participated in the event about it, they said that it was a ‘positive’ event that ‘promoted Modern Foreign Languages in a fabulous way,’ which was also felt by many in all year groups as well as the staff.

After the German performance, we had a wonderful insight into the origination of popular French carols by members of 7 Holman. They then went on to perform Il Est Né le Divin Enfant in French with stunning performances from soloists Robin Choudhury-Collins and George Halle-Smith. Soon after, we had the performance of Mes Douze Jours de Noël by 9V with a comedic twist, making the show an ‘extremely amusing’ and ‘worthwhile’ performance.

The Spanish performances and French-Spanish finale included the traditional carol Cascabel and the extremely popular Feliz Navidad, accompanied by special performances from Luke Corey (Year 9) and Jazz Workshop respectively, mixing the room’s passion for music with languages. Feliz Navidad, being the most well-known carol, had many members of the audience joining in and leaving the hall humming the tune to themselves.

The finale, an amazing performance of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, left many of the audiences’ eyes glued intensely to the stage as soloists Felix Cronly and Cooper Edwards, both in Year 8, took to the stage with the rest of 8Z and 8V enthusiastically joining in with the chorus. To further the spirit of Christmas, as the end of term is ever-nearing, some people decided to wear costumes, whilst others simply enjoyed the backing and accompaniment, which was expertly provided by the Staff Band - consisting of Mr Elliott (guitar), Mr Tansley (drums) and Mr Thompson (piano), as well as the concert’s special guest Jack Webb, who played the bass guitar. As a surprise, the last few lines were in English, furthering the promotion of the all-inclusive spirit.

For making this spectacular performance happen, I would like to thank both Mrs Whittle and Mr Cadman, who both co-ordinated the German side of the performances, as well as Luke Corey for adeptly making and producing the posters and programmes. In particular, I would like to thank Mr Thompson for coordinating and organising the entire, spectacular performance.