The final days of the Autumn term saw the Year 12 Theatre Studies group put on a devised performance for a packed audience in the Drama Studio. Aiming to create a piece of truly immersive theatre, we chose to personally guide audience members to their seats as they entered - our performance started as soon as they each walked through the door.

Titled Social Pressure, the performance threw several questions to the audience. Examining a range of challenging and relevant topics, we looked at all of the different pressures on teenagers today - from school bullying to pressure from parents at home.

Months of rehearsals and drama lessons lead up to the performance and we were faced with all the difficulties of producing live theatre events. We even worked on our own lighting design and organised marketing around the school. This is all invaluable experience before our final exams next year. We've taken inspiration from the drama practitioners that we’ve studied in the past few years, including Brecht and pioneering physical theatre company Complicité. We also used the Year 13 group and the GCSE group for feedback and inspiration. And now we’re all focused on our next performance on the 26th March!