Facing the facts - Jack Simpson, Year 12

Last Thursday, Year 12 Economics students were given the wonderful opportunity to enhance their extracurricular knowledge of the subject at a series of lectures at University College of London. The lectures ranged from an informative and engaging talk from Stephen King (lead economic advisor of HSBC) on the shifting economic power from West to East and the dangers of reversing globalisation, to an intriguing piece from Sarah Smith of the University of Birtsol on the extensive economics of charity work and how people aren't as self-centered as economists have traditionally believed.

Engaging talk - Jack Simpson, Year 12

Other lectures included a humorous speech on an economist's ability to predict the future from Tim Halford and Vicky Pryce. They spoke of the implications of a post-Brexit Britain in a statistics-heavy lecture. In between the lectures we were given a quick talk from a local Economics teacher about exam technique and how to improve our evaluative skills, which was very helpful. Finally, a comedic lecture from the wildly entertaining Judith Shapiro on the subject of procrastination drew the day to a close. After each lecture questions were allowed from the floor, allowing us to clarify anything that wasn't understood, and on one occasion this gave way to a impassioned debate between Vicky Pryce and none other than a Dr Challoner's High School student!

Overall it was a hugely useful and enjoyable day for all the Year 12 Economics students and allowed us to see how the theory we have been learning in lessons applies to the real world and economy. Thank you to Mr Lafferton and Mr Gledhill for organising the trip.