Robot games

On Monday, six Year 7 students ventured to Reading University for the regional round of the First Lego League. It was a very exciting day: starting with a welcome talk from all the judges and officials, we then got straight into the competition with the teamwork challenge. In this half of us had to create a sculpture using 10 giant Lego blocks and describe it to the other half of the team so that they could re-create it from our instructions - we did well, getting only one block wrong.

We then had our first robot game. In this, the robot we had built had to complete a number of challenges on a pre-determined two-minute course. Following this we had to present our robot to the judges and explain its design - we did quite well, but did not win this event. We fared better in the second robot game, and then had to present The Project, where we had been tasked to come up with a solution to a problem. We chose to look at how to be eco friendly and designed and coded a website for this, using skills we had learnt in Computing. This was followed by our final robot game.

At the very end we had a presentation of the trophies and unluckily we didn’t win anything. Nevertheless, we had a great day overall and we would like thank Mr Buckridge for organising it.

The team