Culture Club is well and truly underway this year, and the group undertook their second visit to the London Coliseum this week. This time it was to see the world famous Nutcracker; an interesting and contemporary experience for most of the group, who had never seen a ballet of any kind before.

<em>The Nutcracker</em> - English National Opera

With great seats in the Coliseum, we were able to appreciate the detail of the individual dancers whilst being overawed by their faultless formations. Having been eager to see what exactly makes ballet such a popular and enthralling form of dance, we were not disappointed, and as Tchaikovsky's beautiful music went on, the Nutcracker was cemented as an experience to remember. Not only was traditional ballet dance on show, but Persian, Oriental, Russian and Spanish culture heavily influenced the second half of the performance, providing an engaging and bewildering twist to the piece.

We look forward with opened eyes to the next Culture Club trip in the new year.