This year’s senior play at DCHS proved to be a huge success, attracting large audiences for each of the three performances. Their rendition of The Ash Girl, by Timberlake Wertenbaker (in itself a re-imagining of the fairy tale Cinderella) was met with great enthusiasm. Featuring actresses ranging from Years 9 to 13 at DCHS, as well as five of our own boys, the cast has been rehearsing for over three months in order to provide a consistently polished performance.

Despite starting off with a standard light-hearted fairy-tale tone, the play quickly progressed and became darker in nature; portraying themes such as sin and sadness in an environment a modern audience will recognise. However, the actors were able to cut a fine balance between the serious themes and comedic gags to lighten the mood, all working together to reinforce a powerful message.