Over the past eight weeks, Mr England, Mr Shinner,and a group of thirteen students have been studying for their Day Skipper Theory qualification. Taught by Caroline Bews from Winstar Sailing, the group have spent 40 hours after school and at weekends working on various aspects of sailing theory.

They have mastered buoyage, passage planning, rules of the road, collision regulations, day shapes,lights, meteorology, navigation and chart work.The Library Information Centre has been the scene for all sorts of discussions ranging from how to keep your crew calm when abandoning ship for the lift raft,to calculations of tidal rates and heights so that the boat won’t run aground in the first place! A lot of fun and competition was had learning all the night lights on various vessels so that they even know how to spot a trawler from a pilot boat in the dark.

The students had much to learn in a short period and still managed to keep up with their other school work. Caroline was incredibly impressed with how quickly and competently the group grasped everything, saying, “They have been one of the best groups I have ever taught, I’d be happy getting on a boat skippered by any of them.” They all passed their assessments with flying colours and most will be putting their new knowledge into use at Easter when they undertake the practical aspect of the course at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy on the Isle of Wight.