Today we have published GCSE outcomes to our Year 11 students. In this most unusual of years our main feeling, as a school, is one of sympathy for the students as the uncertainty surrounding this year's qualifications has unfolded. The outcomes published today will allow students to move on to the next stage of their education with confidence that their work to this point has been appropriately recognised. GCSEs are usually the culmination of many years of education, experienced as students grow up from the early years of primary school into the teenagers receiving news today. It is important to recognise that this cohort has been through the same experience as all their predecessors, bar the last few months, and the recognition they receive today is well deserved. During the period of lockdown our students were provided with the opportunity to explore academic content associated with their A Level choices, and a wide range of additional stimulating activities to investigate, many of them associated with progression to Sixth Form and beyond. The enthusiasm with which many of them engaged with this is testament to their self motivation and desire to learn, which will stand them in good stead as schools begin working next month. I would like to thank the teaching staff for their long term commitment to the progress of our students, and for the highly professional way in which they have responded to the challenges of the last six months. The publicity surrounding the release of outcomes has, sadly, detracted from the positivity which should surround the students, who can now look forward to moving on to the next phase of their education. They are in a position to learn so much more and contribute a great deal to our community, and we look forward to that happening.