Our Year 13 students received their A Level results today and should be proud of their collective achievements. They have risen to the challenge of their Sixth Form studies admirably, and produced a set of results that will stand them in good stead for the future. Statistics paint part of the picture, and here are some of the headlines from this year’s A Level results. 79.9% of the entries were graded A*- B, with 56% being A* or A. Over a quarter of entries were graded A*, while 71 students achieved A* or A grades in all their subjects.

For many students their A Level grades are an important milestone because these enable them to access higher education at a university of their choice. Amongst the cohort are students heading to all corners of this country, and a handful travelling further afield, to study the most aspirational courses at the best universities. Others have identified a specific field they want to excel in and have found the best course to do that. Another group are pursuing different alternatives next year - perhaps an exciting and worthwhile gap year - before returning to study after that. Still more have sought employment locally or further afield. Whatever individuals have chosen to do we as a school are proud of them, of the way they have risen to the challenges and opportunities of the Sixth Form and the contribution they have made to the school and our local area.

We wish them well for the future!