The class of 2017 at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School have produced an excellent set of GCSE results. At this time of qualification reform the students have worked hard to achieve a fine set of outcomes. New GCSEs have been introduced in English and Maths, graded from 9 (the highest grade) to 1. This means that this year’s students have numerical grades for these subjects and the familiar letter grades for all other subjects. As a result of these changes it is harder to publish statistics this year. However, we can say that over 81% of students achieved at least 5 passes graded A or A*, or 7 or better, which is a terrific achievement.

Headmaster David Atkinson said:

The hard work put in by students and staff over the years has, once again, led to a brilliant set of GCSE results. We are very proud of our students’ efforts and they deserve to celebrate the excellent results they have achieved. These results will provide students with plenty of confidence to build on as they move on to the next stage in their education. Similarly staff should be delighted with the way in which they have guided students through the challenges of the GCSE years.