The class of 2016 at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School have produced an excellent set of A level results. 82.3% of the entries were graded A*-B, with 60% being A* or A. A record breaking 24.6% of entries were graded A*, while 79 students achieved A* or A grades in all their subjects.

Discussing results

The following students obtained four A* grades:

  • Noah Alfert
  • Thomas Bailey
  • Arlen Liu
  • Andrew Grassick
  • Matthew Maynard
  • Shezad Mohammed
  • Mukul Patil
  • Thomas Strudwick
  • Shreehari Suresh
  • William Wheeler

We are delighted with this set of results, which are the deserved product of many hours of effort by the students. It is a pleasure to see the success of these hard working and committed young people. There should be lots of very proud parents out there! Completing A Levels successfully is no mean feat, requiring great thought and careful work over the two year course. Supporting this year group through school has been a privilege and we wish them well with the next stage of their education.