April Fools 2021: We are delighted to announce a new programme of lessons for the coming summer term: circus skills. Challoner’s has partnered with Astley’s Circus to bring these lessons to all year groups. Students will spend five hours a week in related activities, with highlights including tightrope walking for Year 12, juggling for Years 10 and 11, and lion taming for Year 7.

When asked about the curriculum change, headmaster David Atkinson had the following to say: ‘In today’s volatile marketplace, we have a duty to equip our students with skills that they can rely on. Investment banking or electrical engineering might seem like lucrative career options, but the circus has been around since the Romans − it’s hard to argue with that sort of stability.’

The new lessons will replace all of the Humanities subjects, something that former Geography teacher Richard Gledhill has welcomed. ‘It’s one thing to learn about the world in a classroom − but it’s another thing entirely to see it as part of a travelling circus act! And as it happens, I come from a long line of mime artists, so I’ll finally be joining the family business. Which means I guess this is the last you’ll hear from me!’

Of course, some concerns have been raised about safety, but Ringleader Hayley Gwynn was quick to provide reassurances. ‘We have introduced a range of new health and safety measures that seek to reduce the risk associated with COVID-19,’ she said. ‘For example, there are extra-long face masks for the elephants to wear. And all our swords will be fully sanitised before we give them to the students to swallow.’

Students will be notified of their new timetables during the holiday, but you may indicate the activities you would prefer to take part in using the form below:

Summer Term Circus Lessons