When rumours first circulated suggesting a potential national lockdown would be enforced to contain the spread of COVID-19, I think it’s safe to say that all of us were at least slightly intimidated at the prospect of not visiting anybody outside our house. However, with the wonders of technology we have the opportunity to connect with anybody globally and locally, with just a few clicks. Consequently there are an array of methods many have been using to stay in touch with each other this quarantine.

Discord, originally designed for gamers, is an increasingly popular online network that allows you to join servers and communicate via text or call with an unlimited number of people. In fact, Year 12 students have created their very own server to mimic the Social Kitchen, with members of the school and other schools keeping in touch. There are even different rooms representing the different tables in the area that anyone can join! Another reason for the increased use of apps like Discord is the rise in online gaming - people can chat to each other whilst playing games on consoles or phones, adding some entertainment to the social event.

The use of Zoom - a video communication traditionally used for modern enterprise - has also rocketed since 24th March. It offers the opportunity for up to 100 participants to chat face to face: whether it’s for work meetings, a Friday night get together, fitness classes or music lessons. This allows people to continue their hobbies in the comfort of their own homes, whilst maintaining income for instructors. What’s more, Zoom removed the initial maximum 40 minute session time for non-members a few weeks ago, meaning you can use it for however long you like free of charge.

There are still plenty of ways we can stay interconnected with each other without even downloading a new app! Social media has taken the 21st century by storm, with almost everybody representing themselves on at least one platform, making it a convenient way for people to send direct messages, send photographs, livestream and do much more to help pass the time.

However, as crazy as they might be driving you, there’s no escaping your family in the lockdown. Meal times are a great opportunity to regularly gather and spend time together, and this sense of routine is important in a time of such uncertainty. As lucky as we are to have so many resources for online socialising at our fingertips, lets not forget about the people we’re closest to in our lives (quite literally)!