These times are both hectic and allow for incredible boredom. And during these stretches of lackadaisical pondering, I started to question my current situation. As a GCSE student I’ve had my exams wiped from under me like countless others across the country. This sense of unidentifiable loss and confusion - as well as the world ending outside, has stirred some existential thoughts and emotions.

But after pondering this I came to the conclusion that we are LONG OVERDUE a global catastrophe. Modern healthcare has limited the effects of most pathogens and organisations like the UN have managed to put a lid on any rising nuclear or military tensions.

This has left us with relatively peaceful lives without much conflict - which is amazing, of course - and we should be grateful. But it has left us somewhat unprepared for any groundbreaking developments. I think we’ve all heard or thought that we’re living through history, and we are! But if we look back we can see that global tensions and events have always been a mainstay: whether they are invading empires or pandemics like the Bubonic Plague, World War I and II, the Cold War and the global nuclear arms race.

For too long we’ve been placated on peace, and it only used to be a few areas experiencing conflict or hardship - now that the entire world has paused for the first time we have a unifying experience for this entire generation. Either way, we shouldn’t be scared, and instead should take it into our stride as another event that will be in the history books - and who knows, your great grandchildren may be sleeping through period 4 history and not even bat an eyelid.