On Thursday, History students in Years 10 and 11 attended a stimulating talk by renowned historian Ben Walsh, author of the GCSE Modern World History textbook. There was a high level of interest amongst all participants, and Year 11 students in particular, catalysed to an extent by the prospect of their first GCSE History paper on the following Wednesday.

Ben described the contrast between History and other subjects that are studied at DCGS. He highlighted key moments of the 20th century and spoke on a range of topics including inquiry into historical questions and the development of responses to those questions. The audience also enjoyed Ben’s insight into contemporary views of the policy of appeasement that Chamberlain pursued with Hitler.

With Ben’s help, students were able trace the arc of history from the Treaty of Versailles through to Hitler’s steps to war in 1939, and audience members were very grateful to Ben for taking the time to share his knowledge and interest. Thanks go as well to the History Team and the Challoner's staff involved in arranging this excellent opportunity.