This week the author Marcus Alexander came to Challoner’s to talk to all of Year 7. He shared his inspiration and travels with us and explored the origins of his series Keeper of the Realms. Everyone was very enthusiastic, as it was really exciting to hear from such a creative person.

He talked to us in the library, on the topic of why everyone should take the opportunities they receive, but also his inspiration to write his books. Some of these opportunities included trying new foods, but much to everyone’s disgust, this even included eating dog!

His inspiration was sourced from his worldwide travels, which showed him an assortment of cultures, sports, foods and landscapes as well as a range of lifestyles. He also explained how his book was drawn from a wide mixture of the people he adored, as well as the places he had been too. Some examples of this are the monsters and lands used in his book.

Overall, everyone very much enjoyed the visit and we hope to see him again. Also, thank you to Mrs Cornelius for arranging the spectacular talk.