This year and last year I have been fortunate enough to have a part in the BBC's children's drama Jamie Johnson, and I have been asked to share some of my experiences with you in this article.

Jamie Johnson, is a show about a boy who has amazing football talent, but has troubles at home and school, as well as his temper, that get in the way of him being the best at football he can be. In this show I play the non-footballer best friend, who helps Jamie in his day to day life.

My experience over the past two seasons has been amazing, and one of the main things I noticed about it was that you get to meet so many people that you get on so well with and that you would have never met otherwise. There is an eclectic mix of people on set, people from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. It is an amazing cultural and social experience.

The show is filmed in Nottingham: as this is a couple of hours' drive away, during the weeks when we were filming I stayed in a house with some other cast members and a chaperone. This has been a very different experience from normal as it meant I spent 11 weeks straight with the same people, excluding weekends. It made me more independent as I couldn't rely on my parents for everything, and it was also extremely fun, because it is basically having your friends over to your house every day for 11 weeks.

Jamie Johnson is on every Wednesday at 4:30pm, as is the Jamie Johnson Football podcast. I am appearing in the latest episode.

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