Towards the end of the spring term, students in Years 9 and 10 took part in Biology Challenge. This is a national online competition for students aged 13-15. It consists of two 30 minute papers, the second being more challenging.

Red-eyed tree frog Lapa Rios - Charles J Sharp

Questions are extremely varied in nature. They include questions from the KS3 and KS4 Biology curriculum as well as topical questions about subjects that have been in the news or in magazines. Therefore, students who read around the subject tend to get particularly high scores. The variation of questions makes test very interesting - you learn many interesting new facts as you go along.

Students that do very well are given either a bronze, silver or gold certificate for their achievement. In total, 61 Year 9 and 103 Year 10 students got an award, of which a combined total of 32 were gold awards.

As well as this, Biology Challenge is a House event, with the highest mean score of a class winning. Rayner took first place in the Year 9 category and Holman won in Year 10.