We were delighted to welcome Professor AC Grayling to Dr. Challoner's on Wednesday 21st March. Professor Grayling is one of the country's leading philosophers who is now running a brand new university, the New College of the Humanities, in London.

He challenged the Sixth Form to consider what the world would be like if we did not care about the humanities, if history, literature or philosophy did not play a part in our world. He also connected the study of the humanities, particularly philosophy, with scientific developments, arguing that many assumptions that have underpinned science have significant philosophical dimensions.He urged students to "live with vividness and passion", drawing on their education to make the most of the opportunities that life offers, or as Plutarch might have put it, "to be a good conversationalist at the dinner of life".

Students had the chance to question Professor Grayling, and challenged him on the nature of happiness and the relative importance of the different humanities amongst other things.He then spoke to the A level Philosophy students on ‘ethics in a secular society’ to round off a fascinating visit for all.