How to join the Student Journalist Team
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The news on the front of this website, as well as a lot of other content, is reported by the students themselves. The Student Journalist Team (SJT) consists of over 40 students from all years, who exemplify the motivation and initiative that leads Challoner's students to so much success.

Students in the SJT write over 150 articles a year, and chronicle the school's journey through photographs, video and audio recordings. Older students also edit the articles, designing their layout and publishing them to the school website, and some of our students have even had a hand in developing some of the code for our website.

You can see some of the team's best work in the Spotlight articles:

Spotlight On

Ad Astra

The school annual for over a decade, Ad Astra is a largely student-led affair: their own celebration of their time at Challoner's. Rounding up the major events of the year, Ad Astra is at times humorous, at times reflective, and makes sure to remember individual students for their accomplishments, as well as looking at the school as a whole.

Ad Astra 2001-02
Ad Astra 2004-05
Ad Astra 2005-06
Ad Astra 2010-11
Ad Astra 2019-2020