DCGS has a long tradition of House Competitions. From the 1920s to the 1970s there were four houses at the school - Challoner, Hampden, Milton and Penn - all named after renowned Buckinghamshire residents. The house system was abolished during the 1970s, but reinstated in 2004. Upon entry to the school, students are allocated to one of six houses - Foxell, Holman, Newman, Pearson, Rayner and Thorne - all of which are named after previous headmasters.

A vast range of competitions are keenly contested during the course of the year with the winning house being presented with the House Shield. There are currently over 70 competitions contested annually, ranging from sports, drama and music to orienteering and code-breaking. It encourages participation from all members of each house and also gives significant opportunities for taking on responsibility with approximately 90 boys and girls involved each year as Captains, Deputy Captains, Mentors or Representatives.

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House Representatives


Captains: Bhapinder Bains, Alistair Smart and Krishna Sharma

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Oskar Leskow and Leeya Patel
Year 8: Yi Lin Lai and Ben Watkinson

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Ben Kampanaos and Dillon Ranauta
Year 9: Reedh Schroff and Deji Anjorin
Year 10: Shreyas Nandi-Purkayastha and Luis Atteen
Year 11: and

Staff:  J Anning,  M Ball,  N Buchanan,  M Butler,  J Cullen,  J Deadman,  N Hutchinson,  R Laferton,  C Robillard,  K Snow,  T Spensley,  J Tamayo,  C Turner,  K Whitby,  N Akerman,  C Atkinson,  J Blake,  G Byrne,  C Challis,  C Clare,  A Cross,  J Drummond,  J Montgomery-McCullagh,  S Pickford,  J Smith,  K Wojewodka and  W Mason


Captains: Luke Harrison, Jenna Lee Campbell-Bryne and Charlie Hewson

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Arjan Bhat and Billy Grief-King
Year 8: Cooper Cummings and Milind Kamath

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Joseph Boundy and Edward Lothian
Year 9: Jonah Harrison and Lucas Vig
Year 10: Jordan Butcher and Yashas Kochhar
Year 11: Wilf Harrop and Neel Joshi

Staff:  F Adi,  C Black,  K Connell,  K Gillan,  R Gledhill,  G Grant,  L Green,  R Healy,  A Higgins,  C Holloway,  B McLean,  K McShane,  F Porter,  J Robertson,  J Wood,  W Wong,  J Blackburn,  N Currums,  A Fifield,  A Greiff,  N Hasan,  O Isaacson,  C Langford,  S Mitchel,  Y Peeris,  J Piemonti,  S Webb and  L  De Chaves


Captains: Amar Bawa, Charlie Brampton and Aayush Mukherjee

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: and
Year 8: Amar Bawa and Rohit Srisakthivel

Form Representatives
Year 7: Ethan Wong yang Man and Henry Osbourne
Year 8: Ben Beasley and Thomas Reynolds
Year 9: Henry Scott and Shreyan Thakrar
Year 10: Divit Kelmani, Rory Webber and Abhinav Sundaresan
Year 11: Kartik Chopra

Staff:  A Abbas,  D Atkinson,  E Eastwood,  E Goodall,  G Jones,  S Lunnon,  P Malin,  R Morgan,  J Panayi,  R Popely,  J Ravenscroft-Hull,  L Walker,  N Wimbridge,  K Baker,  J Borrell,  J Collins,  L Harrington,  G Krishnaswamy,  L Krusche,  C Larkin,  J Milner,  J Sealy,  I Stewart,  A Wells and  S Hussan


Captains: Raphael Weatherall, Ed Canney and Samisri Pyakuryal

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Luke Corey and Peter Steward
Year 8: Saffron King and Oscar Ryley

Form Representatives
Year 7: William Taylor and Jack Bernstein
Year 8: Sarrvan Sabesan, Jaskarn Singh and Vee Atwal
Year 9: Matty Nichol and Lakindu De Silva
Year 10: and
Year 11: and

Staff:  F Aris,  G Babbs,  M Barraclough,  K Benmore,  S Burn,  J Carpenter,  D Colquhoun,  S Keen,  J Lowe,  S Rodgers,  G Silvester,  J Wood,  P Chandler,  C Dawes,  R Falla,  J Freeman,  K Gupta,  J Jones,  M Main,  A Mauro,  S Sanders,  B Sharp,  R Turner,  M Gillett and  C Premkumar


Captains: Thomas Arthey, Ollie Sherwin and Millan Fatania

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Jai Magar and Meghu Pulicheri
Year 8: Matthew Beattie and Anna Williams

Form Representatives
Year 7: Felix Badman and Thavindu De Silva
Year 8: Alessio Edlington and Magnus Astall
Year 9: Tom Murray-Leslie and Oliver Ockelford
Year 10: Jake Downton and Sammy Hall
Year 11: William Verrinder and Dan Graham

Staff:  R Ambrose,  L Ashton,  A Atkinson,  A Bristow,  C Dale,  L Day,  R Dobby,  M Elliott,  J Flower,  L Hamill,  L Prime,  K Trueman,  G Wallington-Smith,  N Aghera,  D Beazley,  P Casey,  M Flattery,  J Hearn,  N Kesarwani,  S Lewis,  K Mackenzie-Crooks,  J Orr,  S Sinden,  G Unnikrishnan and  N Woodhouse


Captains: Aaryan Solanki, Aaryan Walia and Riya Rajdev

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Irem Ozdemir and Aaryan Walia
Year 8: Archit Rakhade and Devan Songra

Form Representatives
Year 7: Umar Abdullah and Aiden Fawcett
Year 8: Cian Mellon and George Whitty
Year 9: Eesa Mian and Kabir Kochar
Year 10: Henry Lambert and Arun Norton
Year 11: George Faust and Jai Sharma

Staff:  C Anstey,  L Atkinson,  L Binnion,  A Brigden,  M Burnett,  G Davies-Craine,  J Graham,  J Love,  A Manning,  A Millar,  T Nicholls,  C Priggs,  M Tansley,  M Aghera,  K Burton,  T Cornelius,  M Gillett,  A Halpin,  S Kennedy,  S Nieboer,  S Paterson,  J Richardson,  J Sutcliffe and  L Watson