In January 2018 the Challoner's MUN Society held their first conference. With over 130 people from 11 different schools attending, this was one of the largest student-led activites in the history of the school.

The Challoner's MUN Society aims to replicate the real United Nations, allowing students to experience international diplomacy, better their debating skills or even add a prestigious hobby to their CV. It allows children of a multitude of ages, abilities and backgrounds to congregate and debate about the issues which are most important to them. These range from solving the Syrian refugee crisis to ending child slavery.

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MUN empowers the children of today with solutions for contemporary issues so they are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Yet it is the ethos of the club which makes it truly magnificent. It gives our students a true exposure and makes them cognizant of the real world. Each delegate has their own personal drive for attending this society yet they all have one common aim: to make the world a better place. This sense of unity is a commonality both in the Challoner's and United Nations framework.

2021-22 has seen a very talented cohort of MUN delegates tackle issues ranging from the protection of LGBT rights to the expansion of democracy throughout the world, from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to the protection of global shipping lanes. The students have also taken part in thematic meetings such as the UK Parliament and US Congress, as well as historical events e.g. the Prague Spring

The Sixth form have impressively taken the lead in crafting resolutions and sharing them amongst the society to allow everyone to prepare well in advance for their chosen country's approach to the proposed resolution. Students have demonstrated fantastic knowledge and understanding of their chosen country's stance on world affairs and been able to go toe-to-toe in debates.

Unfortunately due to Covid we have had to scale back this year our in-person conferences, something we are looking to return to next academic year. We did however, take part in a successful conference run by Oxford University which was an interesting experience for all those involved competing over Zoom.

Easter term saw the society opening up to years 7-11 and was encouraging to see many up and coming younger members of the society learning their craft from the more experienced members. The future of MUN is looking very bright and once again we want to thank all the superb work done by the outgoing year 13s. MUN is welcome to all, both veterans and new-comers so please do drop by 12:30 in W1 if you're interested

Mo Karim, Former Challoner's MUN President and Mr B McLean - MUN Coordinator