Be confident in yourself, because everyone else is in the same position.

Mr Deakin

Always looking for new recruits, Challoner's held its annual open day this week, where boys from Years 5 and 6, along with their parents, could take tours hosted by students in the Sixth Form and visit classrooms of amazing displays made by current students. From rat and lamb heart dissection in Biology, to lines coding in Python, and displays of religious artifacts, there was something from every subject that brought ripples of appreciation and amazement.

As soon as the prospective students had arrived at the school, they received a warm welcome from headmaster Mr Atkinson in the main hall. There were further interesting talks from the School Captain, Oliver Hardman, and from two Year 7 students.

Getting involved is key. How could you know you’re good at something unless you try? I could be a pole vaulter, who knows, because I haven’t tried it yet.

Mr Elliott

Just keep climbing!
Anyone hungry?
And... BAM!
A one, a two, a one, two, three, four
The flame-whisperer...
Showing the school's facilities

After that, the Sixth Form students led the way, each taking a few families on tours around the school site. Both parents and children marvelled at the school's myriad facilities. Parents and students alike were stunned by the amazing displays, with highlights including Chemistry experiments turning copper into gold, freshly made food in the Cookery rooms, and Jazz Workshop playing to the crowd in Music.

A few tips: make sure you get to know all of your new friends, make sure to impress me because I’m the best teacher, and use your planner properly, it will be your best friend.

Mr Stephenson

The new students and parents enjoyed themselves and got a valuable and positive insight into school life: we look forward to welcoming them back again over the next couple of years.