After rain ‘stopped play’ last week, Monday was the second shot at the mammoth organisational event that is the whole school photo. All of the students walked to the playground and got into height order by year, after some jostling, and minor squabbles regarding who was taller than who! The orderly rows then slowly, in single file, walked on to the field, and then on to the huge terrace like structure, designed to be able to hold the immense mass of some 1400 students and staff, many of whom were in high spirits.

Almost everyone ready!
The tallest and shortest students in the school!

The sky was mostly blue and the sun was out, a perfect day for the photo. The organisers split the school in half and worked outwards from the middle, going outside to the edges in year order, and finally the teachers were put in place. After some last minute hair fixing and shirt tucking, we were all ready. We were all excited and the cameraman took many photos. We then tensely watched for ‘cloud cover’ to reduce squinting, and after some clouds miraculously managed to dodge the Sun, we did get cloud cover but it didn't last very long. Finally, we had a couple more photos taken and then the photographers and staff told us how to get off the almost scarily tall terraces safely.


We all enjoyed the experience and are eagerly awaiting the results of this awesome event. Some big Thank You's to the photographers and staff that made the photos safe, fun and possible.

A beautiful drone shot.