Notepads at the ready!

If you asked a group of Geography A level students what their ideal field trip would be, a day out in London investigating the many reasons places are shaped as they are would be right up there with the favoured options. It just so happened that the trip organised by the geography team was just that: a chance for the students to see in real life the area they will be studying in the classroom.

The day started with a brief tour of Tower Hamlets, where we investigated why there is a large Bengali and Islamic community in the area and why the community is one of the most deprived groups in London.

A short walk westwards to Brick Lane and Spitalfields market provided a nice contrast, showing us how urban regeneration can help an area rediscover prosperity. Following a stop off for lunch in the market (highly recommended) we were back on the road, this time to Bank and St Pauls, the really high end of London, before a brief visit to Barbican where we discovered the truth behind why property in London is so expensive.

The trip will prove vital for students over the next two weeks in lessons as we will set about digesting each aspect of the trip, investigating how areas like London can vary and how London is different to Amersham.

Thanks must be given to the Geography Team for their organisation of such a simultaneously fun yet informative trip.