This week on Wednesday and Thursday evening, the school was open to the public. Parents and children visited the school and were amazed by all of the different classrooms that were on show: From the excellent cooking by some Year 8 students to the always exceptional scientific demonstrations in Physics.

I asked a few parents what they thought of the school so far and all were loving the school. 'It has been a nice tour, there were a lot of visitors, and I was surprised by the range of sports in this school.' Another parent commented that 'This tour has been great, this school reminds me of my old school when I was young, there is a great degree of confidence in the school's presentation.'

I was even able to talk to a Year 6 student to see how they felt about the school. 'I enjoyed looking at the IT Department, how they controlled the robotic arm using code, it was exciting. On the computers I saw a lot of coding, and Scratch, which I really enjoy using.' It is clear that there was something for every prospective student to enjoy from the drama to the science.

All the teachers were as always a credit to the school and their subject. They were excitedly showing and explaining their subjects to the students.

At the end of the day all prospective students went home with the best representation of the school. Once again none of this would be possible without the help of all the students involved from the Year 7s helping in the science labs to the sixth form students giving tours of the school.