To me! - Will Piper, Year 11

A new year brought a new set of football and rugby trials in Years 7 to 11. With a keenness to get started with competitive games against other schools the trials were held on the first couple of weeks back after the summer holidays. With them the trials brought a whole host of students, approximately 100 students from each year aiming to make it into their teams.

Goal in sight - Will Piper, Year 11

After the first trials, several students were then called to the second trials to put them through their paces for the second time. From this the teams will be decided with matches being playing throughout the rest of the year. For football, students who unfortunately didn’t make the teams will participate in the B Squad with training happening at lunch whereas students who make the team will train after school; rugby will be following a similar procedure. Sport is a big part of life at Challoners and the students who made the teams will try to keep up the school’s impressive record in both football and rugby. Huge thanks to the PE Team for organising all the trials across the years.