At the beginning of the summer holidays, 130 new Year 7 boys attended the Year 7 summer sports camp. This is a five day course at DCGS, primarily aimed at helping the new Year 7s find some friends before the school term starts.

It was a hugely successful week; the standard of sport was very high and many new friendships were forged. Mr Deadman, Director of Sport, said that the attitude at the sports camp was exemplary and that he was very pleased with the fantastic turnout. The highlight for many was the 'mini World Cup' in which each form played against each other in a tournament.

Almost as soon as they got back to school, the Year 7 football and rugby trials took place. In football, around 110 boys took part in the trials. Some 92 of these boys got onto the A or the B team for football. In the rugby trials, there was a turnout of about 60 with approximately 48 of these boys getting into an A or B rugby team.

Overall, it has been a fantastic summer for Year 7 with all the new boys displaying an excellent attitude.