After an interesting first week of debating, all teams were keen for a chance to build on their winning start, or prove their early loss was an anomaly. The motion debated was, 'This house would legalise recreational drugs in regulated public spaces'; an interesting motion to say the least.

The Monday debate pitted Matt Cooke and James Wroe against Jeyoung Ryou and Oliver Hardman against Robbie Sleet and Kieron Bozier against Aran Mohan and Sam 'Slane' Lane. This was a lively affair that was extremely exciting to watch with all four teams putting forward convincing arguments and strong rebuttals. The sheer number of points discussed by the teams was impressive and contributed to an extremely high quality debate. The proposition were adamant that substances such as sugar were more harmful to health (yet still legal), and so drugs should be also. They added that money gained from taxing drug sales would be critical for public services. However the opposition observed that the reason sugar causes more deaths is because it is legal and so more available. They also pointed out that drug users may need more healthcare and so money from drug taxes may be cancelled out. In what was a very hard decision for the judge, Matt (debating without the absent James) was placed first, with the other three teams marginally behind.

The Thursday debate held on centre court (N2), saw current leaders Matt Dagnall and Tom Franks face Redford Denson and Chris Heighes as well as Harry Franks and Gianluca Abbate. While the final pair had a prior commitment, another Matt stepped in so that the rest of the teams could still have their debate. Unlike the previous match, this motion was defined as only including class B and C drugs, making it harder for the opposition. In the first half of the debate, the matter of tax was again discussed, as was the morality of letting people become addicted for the sake of monetary gain. The question of whether the black market would cease to exist were this motion to be implemented was also discussed. After a comedy-infused speech from Harry, the debate was over. The judge decreed that Matt and Tom had won, with Redford and Chris in second and Harry and Gianluca in third.

Simultaneously, another debate was commencing in Q13. Points of information proved critical to this debate, with teams accepting more points generally being the worse off for it. Notably in this debate, 'recreational drugs' were limited solely to marijuana, which changed the atmosphere of the whole debate. It made it difficult for the opposition as marijuana can't be seen as a gateway drug if it's the only one that is legal. This eventually lead to a win for second proposition, Mo Karim and Sam Howells. Max and Jamie came second and Ishaq Usama and Osama Rahmathullah a close third, despite a strong showing.

After another great week of debating: be sure to check back here every week for results and standings.








Tom F and Matt D 4310015
Sam H and Mo K4210112
Redford D and Chris H3120010
Joe D and Adam J4111110
Ollie H and Jeyoung R311109
Soorya T and Dan C311109
Gianluca A and Harry F402119
Ishaq U and Osama R410219
Matt C and James W311109
Kieran B and Robbie S311018
Max H and Jamie P301116
Tom F and Zahra R300215
Kit H and Barnie B 300215
Sam L and Aran M300033