For those Year 10 students who chose Geography as a GCSE subject, they were given the incredible opportunity to collect some data from the River Chess. Two trips, four teachers and a bunch of keen teens: now that's a visit.

Each day, different GCSE Geography sets would go down and visit the river. The day started fairly well; good weather, happy smiles and a bus journey to the river. One set started studying the river at the source in Chesham, the other started at the mouth in Rickmansworth. Altogether, everyone went to five different sites of the river. At each site, the aim of the investigation was to see how the width, depth and velocity of the river changed going downstream. Equipment used included tape measures, flow measurers, metre rulers and, well us. Oh, did I add that we had to get in the river; that’s right, pretty awesome.

Teamwork was essential on this trip. Measuring the width of a river, the depth of a river, the velocity of a river and the characteristics of pebbles in a river was a lot to do; certainly not a one person job. The amount of greenery along the river was a great setting for the investigation. It was also an enjoyable experience wading through the water - not the school trip we were used to!

Overall, amidst the aching legs of walking all day, the trip was fun - a different school trip experience to the norm. Further, we also collected some valuable data that we will be able to anaylse back in class next week. It will make studying rivers much easier now we can visualise it all. A huge thank you to the teachers involved and everyone who organised the visit.