This week, Year 8 were treated to a session learning some key first aid skills. We had the privilege to get the advice, experience and information from members of the emergency services. We had an informative demonstration on what to do in the event that a friend, or someone we knew, became unconscious.

The first two simple steps were to shake the person lightly to check if they were awake, and then if we knew for sure that something was wrong, tell someone immediately and then call for an ambulance. However, if no help was available, we had to perform CPR. We were given a mannequin each to practice what we had learned.

The paramedics came around, helping us out and giving us tips. One of the most shocking surprises of the training was that to actually save someone’s life, you are taking the risk of breaking their ribs for it to work. It’s information like this that really helps us understand and develop our knowledge. Throughout the activity we had to attempt to inflate the mannequins with our breath so that if we were ever in a situation where CPR was required we could get air in to the person’s lungs. We all participated with eagerness and enthusiasm and it was a hugely successful morning that we will value for the rest of our lives.

Many thanks to the members of the NHS and Thames Valley Police force for taking time out of their busy days for our benefit.