After heats earlier in the week, the House Drama final kicked off with the third scene of Macbeth, performed by Foxell. From the outset, the wonderful costumes and facepaint combined to make very scary witches. The actors were supported by a large range of background noise and music, increasing the atmosphere to an incredibly tense state. Despite only having six actors, the extract was performed outstandingly.

Second to go were Newman, with part of The Tempest that drew the audience in, kept them there, and had them nearly falling off their chairs. Costumes and voices alike were used to great effect, and the use of mime, coupled with some excellent stormy sound effects, made this a performance definitely worth seeing.

Finally, Rayner presented a piece based on an extract of Henry V. The background music had people on the edge of their seats during a narration scene at the start, only for it to be interrupted by a fourth wall break. Rayner's house captain Rohan Montgomery took on the role of Mr Millar and stopped the play, skipping ahead to a further part. Joe Moore then entered on the shoulders of Rayner's deputy house captain Louis Williams, using a coat to great effect in covering them both. This was one of Rayner's many ways in which they brought the audience comedy gold. As they continued to pay homage to many of Mr Millar's most successful plays a second fourth wall break occurred and 'Mr Millar' entered a soliloquy, throwing all his problems in a hilarious way out to the audience.

The scores were tallied up, and results were in: first place for Rayner, followed by Newman and then Foxell. A big round of applause to all boys involved!

The winning cast
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