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On Tuesday and Thursday this week, 150 Year 10 geographers travelled to the River Chess to carry out field work related to the 'River processes and pressures' section of the AQA iGCSE Geography course.

The day started with a short coach ride to Rickmansworth. Here we took measurements of the river depth and width to find the cross­sectional area of the river channel. Next, we measured the time it took for an orange to travel ten meters across the bed, allowing us to calculate the speed of the river. Combining these measurements, we calculated the discharge of the river, which at 1.5 cumecs per second was significantly higher than many of us expected. In addition to this, we analysed the shape and size of the rocks on the river bed, learning how rocks become smaller and smoother further along the course of the river.

We then had another coach ride to take us further up the course of the River Chess. Here, we waded through deeper water, repeating the measurements we’d made earlier to identify a trend in results along the course of the river.

Exploring the countryside - Ahsan Abbas - www.stilljourneying.com

Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Chilterns, we enjoyed a very scenic lunch before cracking on with our final readings. The day concluded at a waterfall in the Waterside area of Chesham. Even though it was man made, we were all able to appreciate the formation of waterfalls, identifying features such as plunge pools and several different types of erosion.

Despite the fact that the waders came above some of our heads, we all enjoyed a fun, interesting day, in which we learnt a huge amount about the nature of rivers. On behalf of Year 10 Geography students, I say thank you to Mr Davies for organising such a fantastic trip.